Which city has the most cafeteria seats in Germany?

Surprisingly the most seats for lunch, dinner or just a coffee are not available in Germany’s largest cities like Berlin, or Munich, but rather are found in the metropolitan city of Frankfurt/ Oder. Here, for every 100 students there are nearly 16 cafeteria seats allocable.

One reasoning for this may be to a local universities international makeup. The Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt offers popular international study programmes, like culture studies, law and economics. With Frankfurt being such an international finance city in Germany, internationals spend time abroad in Frankfurt/ Oder. When looking at the student ratio of national and international students, more than one quarter of all matriculated students were internationals. When looking at the demographics of those international students, Viadrina puts it emphasis on Europe, especially Poland, Middle East Europe and the European Union.

Which city has the most cafeteria seats in Germany
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