What is special about Arts, Music or Sport universities?

Music Schools
It does not matter if it’s on the sports field, behind a music stand or in front of a canvas, at a university of Arts, Music or Sports the applicant’s talent is more important than anything else. Potential students in the fields of Art, Design, Music, and Dance can approach their education a bit differently. Unlike at other universities, it is less about the grades or the average mark of the “A-levels” – rather applicants have to pass an entrance examination. Distinguished applicants can even be taken without a school’s graduation.
Arts School
For an arts university, applicants have to apply with portfolios or sample works like drawings or paintings. A preselection of potential students is met by a jury. Those selected applicants are afterwards invited to an interview. Graphic and design schools, as well as schools for photographers or actors all fall within the category of arts universities.

For a sports school a specific achievement test is made. Students with the best scores at this test are accepted.

Sports School
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