Why should I study in Madrid?

why should I study in Madrid

5 reasons to study abroad in Madrid, Spain

Does the name Madrid have an Arabic, Celtic or Latin origin? There is no certain consensus where the name Madrid stems from. However, one can say without doubt, that being the capital and largest city of Spain, Madrid offers many possibilities for students wishing to study abroad.

  1. How big is Madrid?

Madrid is the largest city of Spain and third-largest city in the European Union. More than 3.2 million residents live here at an area covering 233.3 square miles (604.3 km2). The entire metropolitan area population even reaches up to 6.5 million people, turning Madrid into the biggest city in Southern Europe. If living in a metropolitan city with an impact sounds good to you, than Madrid might be the right choice for your study stay abroad.

  1. How many universities and colleges are located in, or around Madrid, Spain?

With eight public and seven private universities, Madrid offers the whole spectrum of degree courses. To get an impression of some of the universities located in Madrid, click on the university names below, or visit our ‘Study in Spain’ page.

  1. Can I study in Madrid, Spain without knowing Spanish?

The majority of courses are taught in Spanish. Hence, it is indispensable to bring Spanish language knowledge when you want to study in Madrid. However, almost all universities offer language courses where you can improve your language skills. A growing number of universities also offer selected courses in English.

  1. Is Madrid a good place to study in Spain?

Due to its influence in politics, education, science, culture and entertainment, Madrid is considered the leading economic and scientific hub, not only of the Iberian Peninsula, but of Southern Europe. This fact makes it a perfect study destination for many students – maybe even for you. 

Safety is an important point to consider when studying abroad. According to the current Numbeo Safety Index, Madrid has a score of 69.97 – ranking it at number 89 of 461 cities globally for safety.

Madrid has something to offer everyone: if you are an art lover, outstanding museums like the Prado wait for you to be discovered. Fans of royals will find the royal palace there, shopping lovers will enjoy a walk at Gran Vía. You may also want to stroll the numerous places in the city centre or the beautiful Retiro park. You see, there is plenty to be discovered in Madrid, while simultaneously, great study conditions wait for you.

  1. Is Madrid, Spain an expensive city to live in?

The cost of living can play a major factor in deciding where to study. Aside from tuition fees, students should consider the local cost of living – including items like housing, food, and social life. According to the current Numbeo Cost of Living Index, Madrid has a score of 56.16 – ranking it at number 279 of 515 cities globally for the cost of living (the higher the ranking, the more expensive the cost of living is).

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