Why should I study in Russia?

How to study in Russia?

For studying in Russia there are five steps needed. At first, it is necessary to register at ‘Russia.Study’ and choose your respective programme. Here the profile has to be completed in the personal account and the applications to universities are sent out. After passing a competitive selection a place at a Russian university will be reserved.

National performance: Russian Federation

Percent of all Universities 100% 80% 60% 40% < below Average above > 40% 60% 80% 100% Teaching & Learning 5% 76% Research 54% 28% Knowledge Transfer 67% 27% International Orientation 62% 19% Regional Engagement 24% 70%

How much does it cost to study in Rusia?

The minimum cost is 121,000 rubles ($1,860) per year. The maximum is 632,500 rubles ($9,730) per year. The cost of studying a Specialist degree in a medical university in Russia is on average 270-300 thousand rubles * ($4,150-4,615) per year.

Do I need a Student Visa for Russia?

Most international students require a Russian student visa to come and study in Russia. In case of applying for a visa, the student has to be accepted into a course at an officially recognized Russian college, university or place of higher educational learning.

Where to study in Russian Federation

What to study in Russian Federation?

Consumer Basket

Main course

500 RUB


100 RUB

One-way ticket

25 RUB

Cinema ticket

300 RUB

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