Why should I study Economics?

Studying Economics

What is Economics?

Economics is the study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. At both local and global levels, economists study elements of geography, history, law, politics, psychology and sociology. Econimics is typically divided into two categories, micro and macroeconomics.

Three reasons to study Economics:

  1. Variety of programmes: economics are part of most aspects of everyday life. This is why universities offer a large variety of modules reflecting this. From economic public policy to environmental economics, everything is part of your economics degree.
  2. A focus on real life: economics is focused on learning from case studies. This makes it easy to understand how theory can tell you something about real life. Moreover, many universities make internships part of their degree programmes.
  3. Excellent graduate prospects: most students easily find a job after graduation as economists are needed in most businesses.

How to study Economics?

Economics students will gain a deeper understanding of the world and its inner machinations, covering everything from how goods and services are priced, to the reasons why standards of living vary so wildly in different countries. The study of economics equips students with valuable knowledge to make everyday life decisions. The emphasis on case-based learning gives students the ability to solve problems such as financial investment opportunities, the likely impact of public policies including universal healthcare and career progression. Many universities offer students the chance to apply their learning with a year in industry while they study.

What kind of jobs can I get by studying Economics?

Graduates with a degree in economics go on to pursue careers in banking, insurance, service and manufacturing firms, real estate, consulting, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

How can U-Multirank help me find the best Economics study programme for me?

If you’re considering pursuing a degree in economics, then let us help you find the best university for you. U-Multirank’s ‘For students’ track offers personalised university comparisons, so you can find the university that best matches you. U-Multirank’s subject rankings provide the feedback of more than 100,000 current students studying at the respective universities, offering a unique student perspective to the rankings via our Teaching & Learning dimension. Create your own personalised rankings today, and compare universities according to what matters most to you.  To start, make sure to select economics as your subject of interest and we’ll help guide you through the rest.

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