Why should I study Physics?

Studying Physics

What is Phsysics?

Physics is a natural science that studies matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time. It studies the related entities of energy and force. It is also one of the most fundamental science disciplines and its main goal is to understand how the universe works.

Three Reasons to study Physics:

  1. Understand the world: physics explains why the world goes round. During your studies, you will also discover why global warming will have the Alaskans trading their sow boots for flip-flops. Perhaps, you will also be able to find an answer to the question of “What’s the meaning of life?”
  2. Problem-solving skills: this term is true for every phsysics student: graduates will be able to solve almost any problem. You will find your physics degree helps you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Bonus points for your CV: recruiters and future employers are always on the search for physics graduates, because they count as smart. Also, friends will keep asking if you follow in Stephen Hawking’s footsteps.

How to study Physics?

To receive a broad understanding of the general principles of physics, universities offer a common core body of courses in theoretical and experimental physics. Different tracks allow students to specialise, apply problem-solving techniques in a particular area of interest; this also enhances their employability.

What kind of jobs can I get by studying Physics?

Analytical thinking and specific skills help physicists to easily find a job. Acoustic consultant, geophysicist, healthcare scientist, medical physicist, professor, metallurgist or meteorologist are all potential professions of a physics graduate.

How can U-Multirank help me find the best Physics study programme for me?

If you’re considering pursuing a degree in physics, then let us help you find the best university for you. U-Multirank’s ‘For students’ track offers personalised university comparisons, so you can find the university that matches you best. U-Multirank’s subject rankings provide the feedback of more than 100,000 current students studying at the respective universities, offering a unique student perspective to the rankings via our Teaching & Learning dimension. Create your own personalised rankings today, and compare universities according to what matters most to you. To start, make sure to select physics as your subject of interest and we’ll help guide you through the rest.

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