2019-2020 World University Rankings | U-Multirank

U-Multirank World University Rankings takes a different approach to the existing global rankings of universities in 2019-2020. Firstly, it is multi-dimensional and compares university performances in the different activities that they are engaged in. It is not confined to research but takes into account different aspects and dimensions of the performance of universities: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.

Secondly, U-Multirank does not produce a combined, weighted score across these different areas of performance and then use these scores to produce a numbered league table. The underlying principle is that there is no theoretical or empirical justification for such composite scores. Empirical studies have shown that the weighting schemes of existing global rankings are not robust: small changes in the weights assigned to the underlying measures (the indicator scores) will considerably change the composite scores and hence the league table positions of individual universities. Therefore, the U-Multirank methodology looks at the scores of universities on individual indicators and places these in five performance groups (“very good” through to “weak”).

To read more about U-Multirank's approach to university rankings, please visit Our Approach page.

The ranking below is sorted like a medal table with the university with the most A scores first, then Bs and so on. Please note: The ranking only uses the pre-selected measures. Also, where data aren’t available, a university may appear lower than it would otherwise. To choose different measures and create your own university rankings, please visit our Personalized University Ranking tool.

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