Top 25 Performing Universities in Patents Awarded

In this list we present the U-Multirank 2018 top performers on the indicator ‘patents awarded (size-normalised)’.

The number of patents is an established measure of technology transfer as it indicates the degree to which discoveries and inventions made in academic institutions are transferred to economic actors for further industrial/commercial development. Correcting for the size of the institution (overall student enrollments) enables a size-independent comparison of higher education institutions.

The top 25 list is strongly dominated by US universities (15). In addition, nine universities from Asia, (two from each of Japan, Korea and Taiwan, two from Saudi Arabia, one from Israel) and one from France made it into the top list.

The 25 top performers in patents awarded (size-normalised) are:


The list is sorted by indicator scores in descending order; possible ties are not marked.


Information about the indicator:


Patents awarded (size-normalised)


Knowledge Transfer


The number of patents assigned to (inventors working in) the university over the period 2005-2014 (per 1,000 students).

Data source


Time reference

period 2005 - 2014

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