Top 25 Performing Universities in Top-cited Publications

In this list we present the U-Multirank 2018 top performers on the indicator ‘top cited publications’.

This is a measure of international research excellence, showing universities with well over 10 per cent of their publications in the top decile of frequently cited articles worldwide. Frequent citations indicate that these publications play an important and influental role in the academic discussions. For some (small) institutions the share of top cited publications is based on a small number of publications.

US universities are most successful in terms of the high impact of their academic research: the majority of top ranked institutions (16, as in 2017) are from the US. Among the top 25 are nine institutions from Europe, seven out of them from the UK. One university with top cited publications is from Israel. While some Asian universties score high on academic output (number of publications) they are not among the institutions with the highest citation impact.

The 25 top performers in top-cited publications are:


The list is sorted by indicator scores in descending order; possible ties are not marked.

Information about the indicator:


Top cited publications




The proportion of the university's research publications that, compared to other publications in the same field and in the same year, belong to the top 10 per cent most frequently cited worldwide.

Data source

CWTS/Thomson Reuters - Web of Science Core Collection

Time reference

Publications: period 2013 - 2016; citations until 3rd quarter 2016

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