New feature: U-Multirank provides open-access to all its data


U-Multirank expands into new developments, as it continues with its mission of transparency in university performance. Launched simultaneously with the 2018 edition of U-Multirank, a new feature has been made available for users – a free access option of the U-Multirank data.

This latest development, makes U-Multirank the first global university ranking to provide free open-access to its data, reinforcing its position as a transparency tool on higher education, as well as itself. U-Multirank’s open-access allows users to request a download copy of both the U-Multirank institutional and subject-based data. Users such as universities are now able to use the full U-Multirank data to analyse their performance against global benchmarks.

The data covers more than 1,700 universities from 96 countries. Prospective students, parents, universities and governments all around the world need higher education institutions that do well in different areas, to meet the needs of different students and to meet different labour market and research needs. Diversity is a key strength of the global higher education sector and we need mechanisms to protect that diversity while still measuring the different ways of performing well.

Therefore U-Multirank continues to lead a transparent approach on the performance measurement of universities worldwide, in order to help students, universities, businesses, policy-makers and governments make better informed comparisons of how universities worldwide perform.

To request access to U-Multirank’s data today, visit our Data Request page and complete our online form.


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