Why should I study in Serbia?

How to study in Serbia?

There are five main reasons why studying in Serbia is a good choice. First, here students receive a highly recommended diploma which is recognized all over the world. Second, Serbia has a large number of universities students can choose from. Reasons number three and four for studying in Serbia – the tuition costs are always low and the student life is rated high. Lastly, but not least the cost of living is affordable.

National performance: Serbia

Percent of all Universities 100% 80% 60% 40% < below Average above > 40% 60% 80% 100% Teaching & Learning 8% 58% Research 41% 38% Knowledge Transfer 92% 8% International Orientation 33% 28% Regional Engagement 24% 41%

How much does it cost to study in Serbia?

According to the official website of the country, tuition fees range between 500€ and 2.500€ per year. Many students will discover that depending on where they are from and whether the university is a public or private university, they may have to pay different tuition.

Do I need a Student Visa for Serbia?

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are not required to obtain a visa but need to register with the local authorities within 90 days of their arrival. Generally, all non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens must hold a student visa along with a residence permit. The visa has to be obtained before traveling to Serbia. Upon arrival in Serbia, you are able to apply for a residence permit.

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