Top Performing Universities 2018-2019

U-Multirank presents top 25 performing universities in 2018 by selected indicators from each of the five U-Multrank dimensions. 

  • U-Multirank publishes global ‘Top 25’ universities lists, highlighting 225 of the highest top scores by universities. The US (18%), UK (13%), France (8%), Germany (4%), Chinese Taipei (4%), Spain (4%), and Japan (4%) receive the highest percentage of top positions respectively.
  • As a whole, Europe performs best in the global ‘Top 25’ lists, achieving 56% of the overall top scores, followed by Asia (21.7%) and US/ Canada (18.6%). Their top performance are clear when looking at ‘Student Mobility’ where European universities achieve 24/25 of the top positions, or ‘Interdisciplinary publications (19/25); Asia performs best in ‘International Joint Publications and Patents awarded - achieving 10/25 and 9/25 of the top positions. The US is strongest in ‘Top-cited and Research-Publications’ with 15 and 13 of the top 25 positions respectively.
  • U-Multirank offers 18 national rankings, showing the strengths and weaknesses of national higher education systems.
  • U-Multirank now includes 21 study subjects, each with their own ‘Teaching & Learning’ ranking. These readymade rankings focus on U-Multirank’s T&L dimension, which includes the student opinion of more than 100,000 current students at the respective universities.
  • U-Multirank now offers a total of six readymade rankings – pre-designed rankings made by our higher education research experts, focusing in diverse areas of excellence, like ‘Research and Research Linkages’, ‘Economic Engagement’, and ‘Applied Knowledge Partnerships’, as well as Teaching & Learning’, ‘International Orientation’, and ‘Universities of Science and Technology’ across the 21 study subjects.
  • U-Multirank’s ‘Research and Research Linkages’ ranking showcases Rockefeller University in the US with the highest score on Citation Rate – a key research indicator, followed by MIT and London Business School. The 10 highest scores are shared between the US, UK and Finland with seven, two and one universities respectively breaking into the top of the list.

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