Top 25 Performing Universities in Income from Continuous Professional Development

In this list we present the U-Multirank 2018 top performers on the indicator ‘income from continuous professional development’.

The indicator concerns the level of knowledge transfer: a university active in providing continuous professional education courses to companies and individuals is assumed to transfer knowledge to external actors.

The top performers are spread across 18 different countries; institutions with a specialisation in offering CPD courses exist in many different national contexts. 19 of U-Multirank’s 25 top performers in income from continuous professional development are European. Among the top performers are 3 universities from Asia and 2 from Latin America and one from Africa. The top list includes institutions with different profiles: a number of business schools (8) as well other specialised institutions, technical institutions, comprehensive universities and an open university.

The 25 top performers in income from continuous professional development are:


The list is sorted by indicator scores in descending order; possible ties are not marked.


Information about the indicator:


Income from continuous professional development


Knowledge Transfer


The percentage of the university's total revenues that is generated from delivering continuous professional development courses and training.

Data source

Institutional questionnaire

Time reference

Average 2013 - 2015

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